Ok. This is my first post in another language.
I have been studying English.  It’s not perfect now but I want to practice in the blog. Feel free to comment and corrections.

My world isn’t the walls of my house, my university or my projects.

My world is the sky that I see in your eyes, the smile of a child, the colors in the sunrise.

My world is my dreams, the triumphs and defeats. My world is what I have learned.

My world is the voice that I hear in the breeze, what my ancestors say.

My world is the little things. Yes, the little things…

My world is a lot of experiences, sadness and happiness. But above all, my world is the Present, that today says to me: To live, to live, because tomorrow is uncertain.

11 Responses to English

  1. juan dice:

    Buena! e interesantes las reflexiones… saludos.

  2. God, Cata, you rock!! I TOTALLY AGREE!! I would say that my world is, mostly, the little things, the details, the tiny moments…

    Happiness, as everything, is made of small pieces 🙂

    Big hug and good energy! (by the way, I posted again… after a long stop, hehe)

  3. medea dice:

    I agree. The world is today, and all that is in it.

  4. David Sasaki dice:

    Very true, and very well written. 🙂

  5. Excellent first English post, Cati, keep it going 🙂

  6. blueandtanit dice:

    Congratulatios for your first post in english… Good idea 🙂

    I’m totally agree with all that you said, our world not have limits! 🙂


  7. Syed Shams dice:

    Dear catiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,

    I watched your talent medal vedio clip, really it was very pleasure time for me, but I want to seen you more , and not only citizen level I wish for you to world level telant award.

    I hope you will achived it with your talent,

    Today, I am free because today is weekend day and I don’t like to go outside the home that way I am at home and I want to sorry by you, because I wat ched your facebook on late.

    Take care,

  8. Rocio dice:


    Gracias por visitar mi blog y hacerme partícipe de tan interesante concurso, con gusto me incribó en el, aunque debo reconocer que no siempre tengo el espacio necesario para estar en la web.

    sin embargo me apasiona mucho transmitir a través de mi sitio web, como te habrás dado cuenta, es un poco intimista, habla de lo que me gusta..

    ..por otro lado, que bueno que existan propuestas como estás…

    Saludos desde mi sureña Loja del alma

  9. mayerlin dice:

    lmire como dice ustet

  10. mayerlin dice:


  11. turnerysaura dice:

    hola alguin de dominicana

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